Great Games from Simply Fun

We are big “family game night” people in this house.  I am always on the hunt for a new game to enjoy during down-time or bad weather days/nights.  Here are two that we really recommend.  These would be great holiday gifts!

Shore Seekers ($36):  This game is for ages 7 and up and perfect for 2-7 players.  This is a GREAT option for playdates and even free time in the classroom actually.  The game is math based; specifically addition and early multiplication.  You roll the dice to move your turtle and collect cards to see how many eggs will be in each nest.  The player with the most eggs at the end is the winner.  The amount of spaces you move is determined by your dice roll and the math equation that follows.  This is a game where there is fun, light competition and math that you almost don’t realize you are doing!

Is or Isn’t ($34):  This game is for ages 6 and up and great for 2-5 players.  Here we are working on vocabulary and synonyms/antonyms.  The game is inside an actual thesaurus.  You take turns moving your token around the board landing on word or challenge spaces.  You get to cover the square when you can identify the synonym or antonym.  If you are the first to complete a line of four tokens you are the winner.

We found both of these games to be fun while expanding their minds.  I really found them unique and a great time.  This company SimplyFun Games really does offer the best in  Math & STEM, Reading & Language Arts, Life & Thinking Skills, and Social Sciences & Studies.  Check them out!