Thinkware Dash Cam – Q800PRO

Ok these days the world has gone crazy!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra protection and peace of mind as you travel through your busy day??!!

The Q800 PRO  ($299.99) from THINKWARE is literally the best I’ve seen as of lately.   Here is what we think about it:

What comes in the box:  dash cam, power cable, 32GB SD Card, SD card reader, windshield mount with tape, cable clips and starter guide.

You can use an SD card up to 128GB which I totally recommend so you have more space.  It is super easy to connect to the app and the THINKWARE CLOUD is great for getting all your camera notifications no matter where you are.   The video quality is crystal clear; this is 2K QHD 30fps resolution.  It also has this cool night vision technology so you have a clear image even in dark or low light conditions.

I love the safety features (it legit tells you when there are speed and red light cameras).  It also has pretty great motion and impact detection and a road safety warning system.   Oh and I almost forgot; it has a build in GPS too.   In the unfortunate event that you are in an accident the app will actually notify others of the situation when you are not in a condition to do so.  And a 20 second video clip of the accident is also saved in the cloud.  You can watch your car in parking mode so you know your vehicle is safe and sound.  The camera goes to energy saving mode when parked so you never have to worry about not being prepared.  It kind of just has a mind of it’s own!

We tried out the time lapse option right away and that was pretty cool.  Take this baby for a spin on the highway as soon as you can!  I cannot wait for the fall foliage and the cool time lapse videos my THINKWARE DASH CAM will take!