Great Kids Toys For Your Cabana!

We are gearing up for the beach and our cabana rentals and we don’t want to forget a few toys to keep the kiddies busy while you sit and relax with your well deserved margarita!

Check out a few great items my kids tested this week and really enjoyed!

Sandy Beach Doll: ok at first glance I thought this was a little odd.  But then we played with it and its really cool!  Sandy is all ready for the beach, dressed in her swimsuit and comes with a shovel!  She fits easily into your beach bag or tote so you never forget her.  Your little one just fills the doll with sand and then can be played with all afternoon next to her sand castle.  She will be great for hours of fun in the sun and since she only costs $38, Sandy is the perfect gift!

Aeroflyt Triblade: if you love having a frisbee or boomerang toss in the sand than this is for you!  You can throw it far and totally comes back to you.  It is made from very lightweight rubber making it easy to grip and throw.  Cost is about $10-12; this is a great option to just keep in your trunk for when you need it!

Disney Princess See The Story Game: new and easily available from Amazon ($20) this is the perfect game to have on hand for quick rain storms and some quiet time.  This is great for ages 4 and up and includes all your favorite Princesses.  Simply turn the bucket to reveal pictures in the well and you score coins when you spot two from the same story.  This is your opportunity to show off all your Disney knowledge.