Skechers Supports Nurses for National Nurses Month

SkechersI love it when I see companies who use their products to support those fighting the front lines of COVID-19. To be honest, I’m especially worried because I feel like we are getting a bit of fatigue with COVID-19 and not appreciating what the heck is going on.


That’s why I found this Skechers campaign so cool. Because it’s National Nurses Month, Sketchers is allowing customers to round up from every purchase to help.


In addition, they were giving 10% off for nurses in the stores.


I also feel like the shoes themselves really fit the motif that matches with nursing. They’re cool looking but comfortable as heck. So if you want a double win/win, buy a nurse a pair of Skechers.

The nurse gets the nice shoes, and the funds go straight to the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.


If you’re wondering, these funds will help: Provide financial assistance to nurses who are financially struggling with a  COVID diagnosis. It’s also going towards supporting the mental health of nurses, and ensuring nurses everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection, and care for those in need.


I find it to be a perfect marriage and really wish we saw more brands supporting nurses.  The doctors get all of the medical shows, but the nurses are the ones doing the front line grunt work.

Check them out.