Great Portonic Drinks To Pack In Your Cooler

What is Portonic? Well I learned this past weekend and couldn’t be happier.  These are ready-to-drink combinations of Port and tonic that come ready to drink in a convenient can.  Here are two brands we are currently enjoying:

Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry & Tonic: These are white Port and Tonic in a can all set for enjoying wherever the wind may blow you.   This is perfect, dry white aperitif port that comes in a super light 250ml can that is easy to carry, easy to store and 100% recyclable.  I poured one over ice and added in a wedge of lemon and lime and was ready to go.  Such a nice sipping beverage on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Croft Pink & Tonic:  ok ladies…this is a MUST for your next ladies gathering.  These are the first Rose Port in a can, ready to enjoy.  The beautiful pink coloring brings such a decorative beauty to your table.  Now I do not typically like Rose or really anything sweet but these aren’t like that.  They are the perfect blend of dry port meets cheery, raspberry, grapefruit and honey.  You can enjoy right out of the chilled can on the beach or in the yard.  Or… if you are feeling particularly fancy break out cute glasses and add ice and fresh berries.

Check these out!  You will love them too!