Guitar Hero Live

My kids and I are enjoying the weekend doing something quite extraordinary: we are the lead singers at our own rock concert!  The crowd is cheering, the music is awesome and the laughter is prominent throughout my home.  How is this possible you ask? In my home you ask? We are trying out Guitar Hero Live from Activision.  What a rush this game is; my favorite music and your crowd of fans screaming for more!  First we tried out GH Live Mode: we are performing to a real crowd that you will either lose or win over!  Your band members will help you out and give you the motivation that you need to be a star!  I loved the option to play in a quaint night club while my daughter took the main stage at a music festival.  So many real and terrific options!

Next up we gave the GHTV option a try.  Now this was completely awesome.  You pick the station, the song and the music video and you are starring in it!  Play against your friends or make new friends around the world! Earn in-game currency that you can redeem for more on demand songs.  We found this new guitar controller so much easier to navigate then the original; this is a must for holiday shopping!  Visit for more information.

guitar hero live

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