H2One Hand Sanitizer

I am sorry to have to say that this pandemic is just not over yet.  As a mother, I am actually worried that it is coming back and that the school year will be a straight up nightmare again.  I’ve decided to just be ready no matter what by stocking up once again on disposable masks, cleaning products and of course hand sanitizer.  I actually in reality never left the house without sanitizer prior to COVID-19 but now more than ever I just never want to run out or be without.

H2One Hand Sanitizer: this is some pretty strong hand sanitizer (75% Ethyl Alcohol) that actually surpasses the CDC recommendations while being super skin friendly.  So many other products made very quickly to meet the demand this past year were made with very unsafe ingredients that basically was like acid to your skin.

They offer two great options in Calming Lavender and Awakening Citrus.  I myself am a huge fan of the calming lavender.  You can purchase these in various multi packs now so that in the fall when the kids go back to school you are ready to go and have all the stock you need to keep the kiddies clean and safe.  I have these in my office as well so that I know I am personally prepared for anything.

Oh; and for every online purchase of this product they will donate a bottle to someone in need.  I love this brand!  Amazing quality, ingredients and community spirit which is so important as we are all in this together.