Mingle Mask

These masks are just NOT going away.  I know I need to be both comfortable and safe.  If you are looking for protection but you are in an environment where you don’t require a medical-grade mask you simply must check out Mingle Mask.  This is the worlds first eco-friendly invisible face mask.  It also solves all the “personal problems” I have with masks.

Mingle Mask covers your nose and face and makes it much easier to breathe and talk.  No worries – the plastic barrier stops droplets from spreading.  This makes it easy to actually interact with other people where you can see each others expressions and emotions.  Here is my favorite feature – my glasses don’t fog up.  Oh; and my lip gloss doesn’t smudge.  I very easily sanitize the mask between uses.  In addition, it is very comfortable on the face.

The price is pretty awesome also – you can get a 10 pack for $23, a 25 pack for $43 or even a 50 pack for $62.00.  They are also having this awesome BOGO sale Sept 3-7.  Just use the code MaskUp and you will be all set!  This is a great back to school/back to work purchase you need to scoop up right now!

Check them out!