If you are like me, you get somewhere and immediately need a hair elastic band and just don’t have one.  Sometimes you are out at a more fancy event and really don’t want that elastic around your wrist, dressing down your outfit.  Enter: hairbanglez, a unique bracelet with a groove built-in to hold your hair tie.  These bracelets allow you to simply pop your hair band around the middle and viola you’ve added a”glam” to your look.  They are super lightweight so they do not annoy you (always a concern of mine) and come in an array of colors: “original” black, silver, gold or tortoise. I actually layered the black and the tortoise and had a few people ask me “where I got my cute bangles”.  No one could believe it was holding my hair tie!  You an add to your look by using a colorful hair tie;  sky is the limit on fashion possibilities!  I really like the product and used it all this week at work.

Hairbanglez retail for $10.00 and you can actually score one for free when you purchase all 4 colors together.  How can you go wrong?  They are brought to you by a busy mommy in Connecticut who was tired of the “red ring” around her wrist at the end of the day.  Me too!  For more information on this fantastic product please visit


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