Ready To Bake

Well now I’ve seen it all: brownie and cake mixes that you can simply open and pour direct into the pan.  No hassle, no stirring, no “ugh I don’t have enough eggs now I have to borrow one from a neighbor”.  This is a product truly made with me in mind.  These yummy and super rich in chocolate brownies were ready and cooling in 25 minutes! I couldn’t believe how easy they were to prepare so I assumed instantly they wouldn’t taste good: BOY WAS I WRONG.  They were so delicous!  Everyone in my house thoroughly enjoyed them and I just popped a chocolate cake into the oven to take down to a family gathering.  Ready To Bake mixes come from a manufacturer in France so you know they have an element of “European Excellence”.

Ready to bake mixes require no refrigeration and the brownies yielded about 12.  Other scrumptious options my family and I cannot wait to try include muffins, chocolate cake, chocolate lava cake and salted butter caramel lava cake.  Please visit for more information or to make a purchase.  You can now be the mom like me who runs around all day and still has a delectable treat on the table for the kids!


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