Hairless Dog Non Alcoholic Beer

Has the pandemic, the holidays or the New Year have you swearing off cocktails?  Did you indulge too much? Well; don’t make yourself crazy – we all have had a rather crazy year and so many of us are trying to spend January making changes for the better.  There are actually non alcoholic options of your favorite beverages out there so you can still socialize yet stick to your plan!  I know though; some of them are really just gross and not worth it.

This week my hubby and I taste tested Non Alcoholic Beer options from Hairless Dog.  We actually tried out all four of their options and we have to say they really tasted great!  I started with Na Citra Lager.  This one has this great citrus meets caramel flavor and it is super light.  I very much enjoyed it.  My husband started with their most popular option, NA IPA.  This one is super smooth with crazy “hop flavor” that you actually can’t believe has 0% alcohol.  Next up we tried NA BLACK ALE which is their dark ale option.  What surprised me was how it wasn’t bitter at all like other brands.  Finally, we sampled their NA Coffee Stout.  Ok; this one really made me smile.  This is ale meets coffee and malt and I can’t really believe how incredible it was.  This is one you simply must try!

The company offers subscription options and even a “Dry January” kit option.  You can also buy them in 6/12/24 packs and a mixed case to sample them all like we did!  Pricing is not too bad which makes them something you should try out right now!  Think New You…Valentine’s Celebrating whatever works!