Women are using Dating Apps to report MAGA Capital Stormers

Bumble App MAGAThere is now an entire movement of women catfishing, using dating apps such as Bumble to seduce MAGA men into giving up info on whether they were in the capital.




Alia Awadallah mentioned it on January 7th and a week later Dr. Lisa Corrigan did the same thing:

Can I first off say that I think this is the most awesome movement ever. I can’t tell you how frequently I’ll get a d— pic in my Dms from some stranger that I really didn’t ask for. I could even post something about parenting and I’ll still get a d– pic.

But the idea of putting a dating app to a purpose is a moving that I can stand behind. Dating apps simply seem to be a means of driving me nuts and finding the wrong kind of guy. Why not use a dating app to actually attract the wrong guy?

Even better, find these wrong guys and ask them for more info to get to the FBI.

Is it morally wrong? Well, maybe but then again, I think it’s morally wrong to storm the capital. And if you’re stupid enough to send a stranger a MAGA pic in the capital, what really is the end of the world by me forwarding it down the line?