Halfday Iced Tea

image of 3 cans of Halfday Peach iced tea, Green tea, and Lemon iced tea

Spring and summer are rapidly approaching. How about a great-tasting and gut-friendly iced tea option to pack up in your next cooler? Halfday Iced Tea is this awesome “better for you” beverage made with prebiotics.  So it is very good for your belly!  It is paleo-friendly, vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-carbonated, and made with natural caffeine.  It is about 30 calories per serving and just a small amount of sugar (3g) along with 8g fiber and 4g net carbs.  MUCH better than other options out there that you see every day.

What we tried: We were treated to all three of their options: Peach, Lemon, and Green Tea.  They also offer Cranberry as a winter-season choice.  The taste is pretty darn good, I just want to say.  As a big fan of one of the competitors, I am so happy to have an option better for my stomach and without all the unnecessary sugar and additives.

The cost is pretty good too. You can scoop up a 12-pack of your favorite flavor for $35.99. Also advisable when you are first trying them out is their Variety Pack (12) for the same price so you can give them all a try and see what you love too!  In my home, I am a true peach girl and my hubby loves the classic lemon option.

Check them out!