Keke (Keep Every Kid Engaged) Bags            

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 Are your kids spending too much time on their digital devices? Some screen time programming with music, movement, and stories can be educational and support their social development.  However, passive screen time should not replace reading, speaking, listening, playing, and problem-solving with parents, relatives, guardians, caregivers, or other children.  Hands-on activities promote learning and creativity. Keke (Keep Every Kid Engaged) bags are interactive products that Jenn Mariani launched in April 2021. Jenn has a degree in music therapy from Maryville University

Each versatile bag includes interesting activities organized and ready to go to keep little ones (3 to 6 years old) engaged. One of the  Keke bags includes Dot Number Game,  Scratch Art, Face Change Rubik Cube, & Lacing Toys. These educational and fun activities are designed to target different emerging skills.  Kids love colorful & durable designs.  You can take each pouch out for replacements and rotations.  There is also enough room for other supplies.  Keke offers subscriptions where you can have more seasonal and theme-based activities sent to you every three months.  The rotation of engaging activities will surprise your children and keep them entertained for a long time, independently or with other family members or friends. 

Check out Keke’s website for more information and to make a purchase.  Once your kids have the Keke bag(s), no worries about boredom or too much passive screen time.  These entertaining hands-on activities will thrill your inquisitive little darlings on the go and at home!