Halloween Prep…No Problem!

As a busy working mom, I am already onto the next annual event as back to school is done.  Seeing as I have already consumed 5 pumpkin lattes this week alone, I am more than ready to start my Halloween prep.  Pumpkin decor is on the front door, and now it is costume time.  As you know, this is the usual tough process of “what is cool”, “what we have already done”, who wants the dreaded group costume and lately with the teenager “who is just too cool for Halloween”.  The answer to that by the way….no one. No one is too cool to binge eat snickers at 9 pm like I do.

Now I want to show you a super cool company that makes these adorable masks that are easy to use and really comfortable.  Gofunface.com; these people are just awesome.  These are expertly made from quality foam.  And don’t just think Halloween; what about sports events, mascots, and theme parties.  Fall is full of football fun!  They have such adorable choices to choose from like an elephant, monkey, lion, tiger, wolf, dragon, bear, t-rex, bull and more.  Each will run you around $22.00.  I want to say up front that they are so so cute!  The details are just perfect and they honestly look and feel like three dimensional really accurate animal faces.  To add to the cool, this company will actually create a mask for you for a custom need (team mascot) and they are always looking to add to their array of options.  Another really important item to mention is these masks will fit kids and adults.  They are totally adjustable.

We spent the day playing with these great masks and having some good old fun.  Adults and kids alike had fun!  Bring on the fall and the Halloween fun!  Next up…buying candy that I say I won’t eat but I actually will.  At night.  When everyone is in bed.  And no one can see or judge me.


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