Halsa Essentials = Best Gift Ever

Halsa Essentials are the perfect last minute gift for your sister/mother/bestie/coworker/teacher/school nurse etc.  See what I did there, I basically told you that the product I am about to boast about can be given to ANYONE.  Halsa is a family owned business that brings you affordable aromatherapy.  What more can you ask for?!?  I jumped on the diffuser bandwagon  few years ago and never looked back.  A few drops of my favorite oil can actually change my mood.  It is amazing.

Anyhow, sorry; back to Halsa Essentials.  Think before or after exercise.  Think yoga.  Before bed.  At your desk at work.  Where do you need yourself a pick me up?  They offer everyday oil options like instant energy, lavender, orange and remedies for immune boosting and having a clear mind.  The yoga collection is really my jam and you simply need to check them out for a holiday gift.  The bundle is $34.99.  Included are three oils.  Asana Flow is great for right before yoga as it stimulates focus and opening your mind.  Sweet Savasana is great for the end of a session.  Mindful Meditation (my personal fave) helps quiet your mind so you can concentrate on the yoga sesh at hand.  This one I also could see myself using at work to be honest.  Application by the way is super easy; the wrist, the temple or any pulse point.   There is a great spa collection as well with other great options!  Scoop them up ASAP you have a few days left!

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