Gaming Headsets Galore!

I have for you today two of the best gift ideas for the teenager in your life.  How about a new cool pair of headphones for gaming?  I checked them out with the hubby today and now I cannot wait for my son to unwrap them Christmas morning!

First up – the LS1X by LucidSound.  This is an awesome chat/gaming headset that works perfectly with Xbox One.  There is excellent audio quality; the first thing we noticed.  There was zero interference with television or surround sound in our home.  Also to use the microphone is a comfortable experience.  The have noise cancelling capability and this cool “over the ear” controls that make it super easy to focus on the important thing – the game at hand.  These are wired to the controller.  To me, aside from the great price (under $20 by the way) is the overall comfort.  I really do not like wearing hats or anything on my head and I must say I barely noticed them.   Grab them on Amazon quick they are the perfect gift for the holidays.

Next up – the LS10X.  Now these are a wired gaming headset for Xbox One.  Still in stock and arrives before Christmas!  By the way, these will expertly provide Sonic Surround available at the Microsoft store.  The ear cups are really comfortable and that is important to a gamer since I know the one in my house gets into some seriously long and intense battles.  You simply cannot be bogged down by uncomfortable head gear.  The on ear controls are quality and really easy to use.  These get wired into your Xbox One (3.5mm connection) which makes them a great option even when your wireless ones are charging.  (The kid always seems to forget that step) LOL.  I have to say again, the company does an amazing job.  These are high quality and just under $50.00.

Grab these up!  You will be super thrilled.  There is still time and both are available!

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