Hand Selected Tea Collection – Brook37, The Atelier

image of opened box of Brook37 The Atelier tea collection with tins of tea and tea diffuser

I love teas!  I especially love flavorful handcrafted teas. Brook37 Tea Atelier is a female-founded business and has an all-women production team. Mou Dasgupta, the founder, is determined to bring high-quality tea to American consumers and ensures a liberating tea experience.

Drinking a high-quality tea is like drinking fine wine or freshly baked cookies (versus store-bought).  That’s not to say some store-bought cookies aren’t good, but just different. (Who doesn’t love Oreos?)

The freshness of the tea is important.  Probably most of the tea on supermarket shelves is partially stale and mass-produced. Most of the tea is wrapped in paper and tea leaves have turned to tea dust.  You can purchase decent quality tea however, it’s not on the same level as fresh tea.  The quality is apparent.

The freshness, quality, and tea flavor of Brook37, The Atelier is wonderful and top-notch.

The Epicurean Collection offers four caddies of handpicked limited collection exotic teas.  It also comes with a silver-plated handmade unique infuser that is beautiful and fancy.  The gift set is packaged meticulously in an attractively designed box.

Tea drinking for some is a ritual. After yoga, I like to drink tea because it feels soothing and relaxing. I also like to drink afternoon tea. It’s a delightful experience. It was especially more pleasant when I drank the amazing selection of Brook37’s fine teas.

The teas included in the set are:

  • Moonlight stroll (Darjeeling Tea)
  • Twilight Festival (Darjeeling Tea)
  • Lemongrass Chai
  • Lavender Earl Grey

Prep instructions:

  1. Take your teabag or measure 2.5g of tea
  2. Add 160 ml near boiling filtered water
  3. Brew tea to desired strength
  4. Enjoy your tea-drinking ritual

Each tea has its own unique flavor and sense of enjoyment. Check out Brook37, The Atelier for yourself, or gift it to your tea-loving friend or family.