Top Food Gifts for Mom

I am a mom who likes to snack. I don’t deny that I have times, after a long day, I could just do quite happily with a glass of wine and some comfort food. We have gotten so many press packs filled with foods I think it’s a hint that maybe mom just needs to relax, watch a good movie, and snack on something that makes her happy. It’s mom time! It’s me time. Food gifts for mom? These are the snacks to grab when the kids are asleep and you just want to curl up in a ball.

image of bottle of Sonoma County wine for top food gifts for moms

This list begins with Rodney Strong’s Sonoma County wines. What makes these wines unique? Well, about 60 years of winemaking is probably the first step. The reserve Cabernet Savignon is rated over 90 according to All that means is I will quite happily drink it. I opened it and it’s a full-bodied red that just makes me forget that the kids are driving me nuts tonight.


image of 3 boxes of buddha teas for top food gifts for mom

If the wine does not help me relax, the other option entirely is tea. Buddha Teas go right along with the theme of feeling like Buddha. They have a holiday gift box that has all of their best stuff. The teas are all free from GMOs, chemical-free…well you get the idea. The teas are also a much better option than drinking coffee at 10 PM which leads to a whole host of other issues.

chunk nibbles

What are Chunk Nibbles? They are basically snacks that remind me of when I was a kid somehow. This is sort of that corn-based recipe concoction that grandma used to make, but done quite…well…well. I mean it’s Corn!  It’s got the juice!  They are not crunchy to the point of breaking your teeth but in fact soft and nice. If anything, the peanut butter one is my new addiction of the decade. They are hard to describe on their own but they sort of remind me a little bit of the kind of candy I used to get at carnivals.


amazing clubs

While this might simply seem like popcorn, it is actually popcorn from Amazing Clubs. Amazing Clubs is a subscription service with various snacks of the month. They are in fact 41 different clubs. This is an easy way of trying something different and munching on a different snack every month while binge-watching my favorite Netflix show.