Handful Bras and Flippin’ Awesome Tops

Handful is a company that was started primarily to provide a better fitness bra option. These bras are made out of a quick drying, soft, mostly spandex material and they have a wicking (moisture absorbing) lining, making them one of the best options for active, athletic women. They also come with removable pads, which allows customers the choice to supplement or not depending on their needs and preferences.

The removable pads (Lights Out™) are shaped so that they are thicker around the outside edge and bottom, and taper inward. This makes for a much snugger and more realistic fit than the simple, unfluctuating form found in most push-ups. They are made with a smooth surface for added comfort, and can be used in any other bra or top that makes use of removable pads.

This growing company has two bra styles to choose from. The Handful Y Back Bra may seem like the typical sports bra, with its Y-shaped straps in the back, but it’s anything but typical. It comes with the removable Lights Out™ pads, and a wider band around the torso. The wider band sits below the bra line, completely below the shoulder blades for added comfort. Finally, the straps are decorated with a crochet detail that lend them a sense of sophistication and makes the Handful Y Back Bra a good fashion choice.

Also available is the Handful Adjustable Bra. Adjustable in this sense is not a reference to the snugness of the straps across your shoulders, but rather the orientation of the straps themselves. With the Handful Adjustable Bra, you can wear the straps over the shoulder, cross the straps in the back (in an x-shape), or around the neck (like a bikini). The ability to wear the straps in more than one way allows customers to balance comfort with function. We all know there have been those outfits where no matter how hard you tried, that strap was determined to show!

Beyond the bra, Handful also sells “Flippin’ Awesome” tops. In this case, “flippin’” is a fun double entendre that elicits images of a tough girl, but also literally means to flip or flipping around. The Flippin’ Awesome Long Sleeve top and the Flippin’ Awesome Scoop Tank are made so that they can be worn frontwards or backwards, with one side straight and the other scooped. You can switch which side you want to wear by flipping the shirt around. Words can’t do it justice. This image gives you an idea of what I mean by scooped, but if you visit their website, you’ll see the flipping in action.

The thing I like best about this company is their efforts to support breast cancer fighters and survivors. There is a section of their website dedicated to just that: survivors. The idea of giving a woman who may feel like she’s lost her dignity a little sense of femininity back is a big deal to me. Handful is a company worth investing in, and it’s hard to argue such a beautiful marriage between comfort and function.

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