Worry Eaters

If you have a child that may fear the dark, homework, a big test, bestie problems: I have a great gift item for them!  Check out animation producer Gerhard Hahn’s Worry Eater’s.  They are adorable and soft plush “creatures” from “DA-DA Land”.  Now the process is super simple: write down your worry and place the paper in the zipper mouth of your Worry Eater and gobble gobble your worry is eaten up!  Each of them have big, bright eyes, even larger stomachs, crazy hair and will always be there to collect your worry.  Honestly, even as adult; I have worries 24/7 and maybe I should have one of these things with me at all times!  The “Eaters” are made in Germany, and currently 12 styles can be purchased in the United States.  My daughter takes pretty and pink “Pomm” to bed with her while my nephew has “Biff” as his sidekick.  They cost around $23 for the large and about $16 for the small.  Please check out their awesome website for activities, parent suggestions and for info on their creative “Da-Da Land” app.  My daughter is loving having a companion and app to help her forget about the dark!



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