Happsy Delivers Organic Mattresses to Your Door


There are some good things that came out of the Covid pandemic of 2021. To me, the idea that I’m never going to have to leave the house feels to be quite an advantage. There are quite a few things I learned to order online, most of which involved Uber and DoorDash, but I never knew that you could order a mattress online to be shipped straight to your house. Then I discovered Happsy.

First of all, you have to recognize the size of this thing. While it’s all wrapped up together, this mattress weighs a bit. It might seem all wrapped up and simple but this mattress is built solid. In fact, the reason I took the photo of it wrapped up is just to demonstrate how compact and easy it is to have this delivered right to your house.

The other thing I hated about buying a mattress was the two burly men that had to come with the delivery. This is not exactly light, but it’s certainly possible to manage with your spouse. In fact, my husband and I got it up the stairs and neither of us died in the process. It took a few breaks but we got through it.

What I also love about Happsy in particular is that these mattresses are made with organic materials.

Why is that relevant? I’m not about to eat the mattress so how can that help me? Well, all the chemicals that go into making a mattress aren’t here.  In fact, just to prove it, they actually have a zipper so you can look inside just to see the organic material.

I don’t care what anyone says. My opinion is that, if someone has allergies, all the chemicals that are going into the production of products cannot help. And I’ve got to believe that a product like this just seems to have a much more natural effect that helps.

Happsy is made in the United States.

I think it is so cool to find things that are made in the United States when so much in our world is imported from overseas. This just supports people in America and I feel it’s just the right thing to do.

How comfortable was the mattress? Of course, it was comfortable. But not having to deal with the two burly strangers in my house, not having to deal with chemicals, and not having to deal with some foreign company makes me much happier in the process.

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