Review: Moochies


Okay, guys, this phone watch is amazing for kids.  Where the heck was this when I was a kid??

What am I talking about? Moochies. Your child can have a safe all-in-one smartwatch and phone that you as the parent completely control.  It is super easy to set up.  You just download the free MyMoochies App on your phone and set it up super easily.  The App has GPS tracking, geo-fenced safe zones, and SOS alerts.  There is NO social media or internet browsing, which is something I always worry about.  They have “independence” and you have complete peace of mind.

I kind of love the setting that allows you to set “class mode” so you can stop any distractions when they are supposed to be learning.  You can also set cool alarms for appointments, homework, etc.  The watch is also very sturdy; the strap is comfortable but the glass screen is tough, so while it is comfortable and not cumbersome you don’t have to worry about it cracking and breaking.  Oh, and the watch is water-resistant so no worries about rain or washing hands or sweating during sports and play.  They offer such cute swappable straps too!

The plan—you pay monthly and you can customize it to fit your needs.  You can even stop the service if you need a break.

Check out this awesome product!