Have your children spend the day on the right foot

When little children start to walk, their first shoes are one of the most important investments you will make. They decide the support your child gets, how good they walks and stand.

Later on, the shoes have a big influence on the posture of your precious one, how stable they are and how confident they will be walking.

Most toddlers are flat-footed when they first start walking, because the bones, muscles and ligaments of their feet are underdeveloped. Shoes with a good support are therefore even more important for little ones.

Pediped shoes have soft and flexible soles with rounded edges that mimic the natural shape of a child’s foot, heel stability and a soft toe box that allows toes to curl and grip the floor. All this helps in the right development of your child’s feet.

All the shoes come with a pair of insoles so that the shoes will fit just right for your child even if it has smaller feet. These soles also extend the wear.

Did you know that the Pediped shoes are recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development?

We got our boy an excellent new pair from them, and he absolutely adores them. He told us he feels like he is  <walking of flowers>.  When our newborn will be ready to walk, Pediped will for sure be his first pair!