Superbowl or Super Bowl? How do you Spell it?

 Whether Super Bowl is spelled with one word or two words is a matter of debate. I’ve done an exhaustive poll of the devices in my house to determine this today.

I dictated this to Siri and it seems that Siri likes using two words. I can confirm that Alexa and Google Home were of the same mindset.  When I asked three of my smart devices, all of them seemed uniform in the logic that Super Bowl is actually two words.

Maybe Super is more of a descriptor. That is to say, it is describing the bowl as super, hence two words. Maybe two words is a standard because that is history.  We already had this bowl and even various other bowls such as the Rose Bowl so we then decided that this particular bowl was simply the best.  All of a sudden this bowl is the best of the bowls.

I admit that I thought it was one word, kind of like a name. Maybe it was like Henry or Fred and in this case, a one-word event called: Superbowl. And social media can be confusing because you see #superbowl everywhere. But then, hashtags don’t use spaces between words, so you can’t use that logic.

If you do look at the official Super Bowl website, you’ll see that it uses the same logic of two words, so I suppose that is the definitive answer.

Were you yourself confused by this dilemma? Is this something you’ve been googling, trying to determine what would make more logical sense? Do you spell it as one word or two words?

Best thing might be to drown yourself in Super Bowl Snacks and call it a day.

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