Healthier Halloween

Halloween is that wonderful time of year where your children eat lots of “bad for you” candy.  I always try to find something a little more nutritious and a little more original to hand out but I grew tired of handing out pretzels and cheese crackers.  I came across a couple of great items for this year.

Garden Veggie Chips have always been a go to healthier snack and for the Halloween season they came up with Ghosts+Bats which are appropriately named ghost and bat shaped veggie chips seasoned with sea salt. They come in convenient trick-or-treat sized bags. They are lower in fat than regular potato chips and have no artificial flavors or preservatives they taste great too!




A more traditional trick-or-treat item with a healthier twist is Surf Sweets candies.  Surf Sweets makes candies with organic fruit juice and sweeteners, no artificial colors and flavors and are free of corn syrup and GMOs. They make vegetarian and vegan options and are gluten and nut free.  For the Halloween season they made jelly bean treat packs and fruity bears treat packs.  I have to keep my daughter away from these because she says they are the best tasting gummies out there!

I hope you try these products out because I know I am tired of sorting through my daughter’s goodie bag on Halloween and letting her keep the “good stuff”.  How much chocolate can a kid eat? Wait..don’t answer that!

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