Healthy Eating – Winter 2021

We are locked in our houses still so now it’s time to eat as healthy as possible. I’m not suggesting we lose our minds eating healthy either. Some of the ideas below are healthy but fun snacks.

So, here’s the chance to try something new and tell us what you think.


That’s It

I love names that really make it clear what the product is.  The product here is chocolate covered fun stuff.  figs, bananas, etc…. and what are the ingredients.  The fruit and the chocolate and that’s it. Get it? Simple ingredients and a fun snack. And that’s it.








Thin Slim Foods

Carbs are the enemy. They add on the weight and make us all fat and sad.  Or so I’ve been told.  Well guess what, here’s bread without the carbs. How do they do it? Fairy dust an magic and that’s not the point. The point is it tastes like regular bread.









Success Rice

I love the idea of boil in a bag as frankly I’m getting tired of cooking in the kitchen. It’s driving me nuts.  So here’s a chance to cook a quick meal.  Sure, you can do White Rice, but I actually loved the Quinoa and it’s nice extra protein.  But of course the best part is setting a timer and boom, there’s a healthy quick meal.









Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet

Ruth makes tons of vegetarian gourmet items that are also quick and easy. Plus they have 50 years under their belt so you can probably trust them by now.  I feel like every vegetarian company has been around for a few years but these guys are in the range of decades.

As for quick and healthy, the sliders made it super simple. Heat the buns, pop on a slider and you’re done. Really all of them were quick and healthy but the sliders were really a fun change for dinner.







IQ Bar

I’m always trying to supplement a snack with a protein bar for a quick and healthy replacement. I lvoe that these bars are vegan and paleo friendly. So they’re a quick protein snack with little else.  They also have a really amazing 50% off sale, where they’re telling you to buy it in the store and text them the receipt. I think that is probably one of the most awesome sales that I’ve ever seen.

How can it go wrong?







Amara Organic Smoothie Melts

For the little ones, here’s a chance to give them a yogurt snack right in their hands.   I love that they melt right in their mouth so they’re pretty easy and chewable.  They have Mango/Carrots and Carrot/Raspberry so some cute and healthy options here.















Home New

Lekkco probably means awesome in Belgian because it is the tastiest chocolate spread I’ve ever had.  We tried a few flavors like Belgian Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Sea Salt, and more…  To be healthy, you can dip some fruit into it.  Or if you want to be unhealthy, just dip a cookie into them.  But I warn you, these are addictive.












MIss JonesMiss Jones Baking Co

Miss Jones Baking Co makes these Keto and Paleo mixes that are super healthy and super easy to make. In fact, I had my 14 year old rip these out in no time.  They are super high in protein and quite tasty.   Our favorites were the chocolate and brownies, but the blueberry and cornbread.










Butter of Europe!

Why would I put butter on this list?  Because if you’re going to use butter, and face it, every recipe needs butter, at least use a healthy butter.  Butter of Europe sends that good stuff that you can’t easily get here.   It’s the real butter. So if you need that unhealthy butter, at least get something that’s more natural and real.











Lundberg Rice Cakes

This is a brilliant idea for a quick snack.  Like I love buffalo, but really can’t snack on buffalo wings as that would probably be bad.  Same for White Cheddar as I’m always snacking on a popcorn variant that I shall not name so this is a really cool alternate.











Simply Organic

The sauces are very high quality and make dinner really easy because they’re all natural. They are also good and authentic international flavors.
I love that when I’m trying to make something healthy it’s really just a quick dash and I can make something different and international for my family.








Sabra Hummus

Hummus is always a healthy snack but I loved the idea that they had here. A quick dash of some nice seasoning and you can turn your classic hummus into anything.  Seriously, I’ve been having these big hummus issues because I always seem to buy the wrong one, so the idea of throwing in the spice really makes a difference.










Okay, pasta is my guilty pleasure so I love any of these alternatives that add the protein. This particular one carries an insanely awesome and high level of protein plus a ton of greens. I have no idea what magic they’re doing here, but these things carry quite a punch.

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