Healthy Fruit Pouches For The Mom Win!

We always worry as parents what our children are eating and snacking on.  I also think all the time about the “little things” they consume and wasted calories.  But I also know it is a daily struggle to get in the fruits/veggies/vitamins etc that are just so important.  My kids have 20 minutes to eat lunch at school (sometimes in the morning LOL) and I want to truly make sure they are getting in all the necessary basics.

Check out the following great pouch options available for the upcoming school year.  These are great for lunch bags and keep very well no matter what time lunch is.

Zellee Fruit Jel: these are organic fruit jelly pouches.  Founder Kimiko started out with plant based versions of Japanese gelatin desserts.  These are organic, natural, non-GMO ingredients.  Flavor options are terrific.  My kids are loving strawberry pear, blueberry grape and orange peach.  I personally tried blueberry grape and was very impressed.  This is organic fruit, no added sugar and comes complete with Vitamins C, A and D.  The consistency is perfect; basically they ingest only the good stuff and it tastes terrific.  They also offer plant based sports gel.  These contain full spectrum electrolytes, potassium, chloride, sodium, magnesium and calcium in addition to the vitamins already mentioned.  These will increase your energy and help reduce muscle cramps.  This is a MUST to include in your kid’s backpack when they play sports after school.  It is like their favorite sports drink in a super cool easy to ingest quickly pouch.

gnubees protein/snack drinks: These are a truly nutritious beverage made with real fruit juices that have protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium.  Life is super hectic; these are the perfect “driving to the next thing” backseat snack.  We have tried all the flavors (mango tango, go bananas, and rockin’ raspberry) and they are equally yummy!

GoGo Squeez Pudding Pouches: This is your first ever plant based and non dairy pudding in a pouch.  Full disclosure: I ate one last night at 8 PM as my “have to have a dessert but shouldn’t option”.  They are super creamy, are made with almonds and have 5 grams of plant based protein per serving.  This is so much less sugar per serving (compared to normal pudding).  This is a true snack you can truly put your “mommy stamp of approval” on  and not worry.  I have tried banana, chocolate, vanilla and cocoa-hazelnut and all 4 are simply awesome.  I don’t have to ever go back to regular pudding!

You must check these great options out!