Healthy Skin with Auraïha

We all want beautiful skin. It is way better to have healthy and natural skin than to put a ton of makeup on! Luckily, Auraïha is there for us!

With clean and sustainable products, Auraïha supports healthy skin. Their EWG-verified products are put into eco-friendly packaging. All packaging materials are recycled, reusable, or zero waste! And they look nice on your vanity table too! I love the slick and simple design.

image of Auraiha mist & set spray and glass face brightening serum

Auraïha makes your beauty routine affordable, simple, and quick! Their 5-minute face routine will make your makeup needless. You will leave your home with luminous skin in under 5 minutes! And it only takes two products! Their skincare doubles as makeup, rendering cosmetics like highlights and foundation unnecessary. The fun part is you no longer need to figure out your skin type! Their Brightening Serum and Mist & Set Spray cater to all skin types. Roll out of bed and leave your home with nourished skin.

And the Auraïha products are very affordable! The Mist & Set Spray comes at only $19.99, and the Brightening Serum at $22.99.  But you can get both the spray and serum for $39.99!

Both products contain 100% clean, EWG-verified ingredients. They are vegan, cruelty-free, affordable, and sustainable.

Mist & Set Spray

The Mist & Set Spray is a facial toner. This refreshing mist contains a powerful blend of papaya, witch hazel, hydrating elixir, and betaine locking in moisture, and enhancing your natural glow. These clean ingredients work together to tone and refresh your skin, lock in moisture, and set your makeup. You will feel refreshed. The delicate scent is appealing and you will feel ready to face the day again!

Brightening Serum

The Brightening Serum will give you a gentle exfoliation for a glass-like finish. It contains a unique mixture of squalane, AHA fruit acids, aloe, green tea, and cucumber. This plant-based emollient is intensely moisturizing.

Get your Auraïha products today! you will love the results! And if you sign up for their newsletter, you will get 10% off your first purchase!