The Christmas Poop Log – Your New Christmas Tradition

We love Christmas in our household. And we celebrate it with our very own family traditions. Each year we watch The Sound of Music, after which we go for a family walk and go feed the horses some carrots in a nearby field. Of course, we have the traditional Christmas tree and a big dinner. Other cultures have their own traditions, and it is fun to show these to our kids.

the christmas poop log

In the region of Spain and Portugal, they have a “poop log” or Caga Tió. This wonderful tradition goes as follows: the family finds (or buys) a log and gives it a face and arms. The log is wrapped in a nice blanket and fed in the weeks leading up to Christmas. On Christmas, the children sing a song and the log “poops out” candies for them in exchange for the good care it has received.

The Christmas Poop Log 2

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