Heart Water – A Better Water

In a time where we are worried 24/7 about everything that our bodies are exposed to, it is super refreshing and assuring to get to try out  an amazing Artisan Water that I think you will also adore!

Heart Water: Ok, so this one the packaging alone will have you hooked.  The bottles are a beautiful purple aluminum and you will literally be in love when you see them.  Aluminum is so important in the effort to reduce the billions of plastic water bottles being produced.  1,000,000 plastic bottles are actually sold each minute; how crazy is that!  Aluminum bottles can actually be turned into new bottles within 2 months.  Now, to the water – this is rainwater, direct from the clouds.  this is the purest filtered water you can get!  Most water you drink is filtered tap water so rest assured that this water is pure and free from harmful pharmaceuticals and trace elements of lead etc.  Some bottled water also have chlorine, fluoride and nitrates that exceed the World Health Organizations guidelines.  This is the purest water you can get (rainwater is 100% recyclable and reusable) in the most sustainable packaging out there and in addition 23% of the profits from the purchase go to helping children in need.  I know, you are probably buying this product already!  Plenty of purchasing options (bottles or cans).  Check them out!