Heat Hog – Why This Is the Best Portable Heater

The days are getting shorter and cooler.  Autumn is just around the corner, but we are certainly not ready to stay inside just yet!  The small and portable Heat Hog heater is absolutely perfect to get a little more comfortable on your autumn and winter outings.  With its compact size but strong heating element, the Heat Hog heater will make your outdoor activity more enjoyable.  Hunting, camping, fishing, or just sitting in your backyard with some friends and a beer. Make sure nobody loses any toes in this colder weather!

This portable heater runs on 1-lb propane tanks and is lightweight and convenient.

Heat Hog Heater
Heat Hog Heater

Heat Hog offers heaters for any need:

  • The piglet heater with 4,000 BTU weighs only 9.7 lbs and is safe for use indoor and outdoor. You can get the piglet for only $109.99!
  • The Heat Hog with 9,000 BTU is a portable propane heater for only $129.99. This is the one in the picture above. We love this model! The angle at which the heat is projected can be changed, so you can warm whatever you want, not only your feet! It is lightweight at only 12.35 lbs. And, it runs on 1-lb propane cylinders, something you can get in any DIY or adventure store!
  • And for those that really need to warm up thoroughly, Heat Hog has a heater with 18,000 BTU!

All the heaters from Heat Hog are safe for both indoor and outdoor use! We love how easy they are to set up and move around. The fact that you can adjust the heat angle up to 30° is a dream come true! We take it along on every camping trip. Our friends know we will have it with us when we go tailgating or barbequing. They are delighted to have a safe, adjustable source of heat on these autumn evenings. Because of the presence of the Heat Hog heater, we are enjoying activities with friends and family long into the season! We set it up on our porch when we sit outside in the winter, and boy do we get many people that stop for a little chat!

You need a 1-lb propane cylinder, but you can use up to 20-lb tanks! However, do not forget it will be harder to carry around 😉

I adore that there is a safety tip-over switch. When the heater falls over, the switch will turn the heater off immediately. I feel very safe using this device, even inside! The Oxygen Depletion Sensor will turn off the heater when the oxygen level drops below a specific level, making sure your room stays safe.

You can get your own Heat Hog heater at Amazon as well as several retailers that sell outdoor equipment, such as Northern Tool and Equipment, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Overstock.