Hefty Releases Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Scented Bags

Every year seems to introduce more and more ridiculous forms of pumpkin spice. Sometimes I feel they all just enhance that wonderful feeling of fall and I can go for it. Other times I feel like I want to buy the product just to spite that friend who is addicted to pumpkin spice. 

What you see here are Hefty Bags that are Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice scented. Now, on one hand, I find the idea completely incredulous. Is this a joke gift or is it real? On the other hand, I think having scented garbage bags makes perfect sense. I am having a complete emotional quandary as to whether something I initially made fun of is actually brilliant.

Having scented garbage bags is a nice offset to, of course, the smell of garbage. Can I get other scents too? Is this a thing of having scent in garbage bags that I just simply was not aware of?

Could this possibly be a trend where we can see one will buy garbage bags matching the appropriate season’s smells? Or is this just another ridiculous, marketing ploy?

Whatever the scenario, it has certainly got our attention as you could see. I’m dedicating the time right now to writing the story. 

Would you buy these cinnamon pumpkin spice flavored Hefty bags because you like the smell of autumn, or would you buy the bags because you simply think it’s funny? Shouldn’t all garbage bags have some form of scent to help the situation?

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