Luxury DOACE Towel Warmer Bucket

image of DOACE towel warmer bucket next to bathtub

Who wants to make their bathroom feel like a spa? I want my home to be my retreat.  Naturally, when it was time to redo our bathroom I designed it to resemble a spa.  I wanted the glass doors, the bench, the floating vanity, and the tile that had the wood look porcelain tile. What was something else that screamed spa? Yes, the towel warmer. There was the hanging tile warmer and the towel warmer bucket. I heard the bucket worked better. I decided to give the DOACE  towel warmer bucket a try.

There are things to keep in mind when using the warmer. The first thing is that only pure cotton materials can be used in the warmer.  Also, the warmer gets very hot, to 135 degrees, and should be handled with care. The four hooks in the interior are ingenious for safety reasons. If I have to hang up small items I don’t have to reach in the basket and risk getting burned. It fits an extra large capacity; the size is 23L. You can customize the time. It offers rapid heat up in just 1 minute and reaches high temperature in just 6 minutes.  Also, you can set the auto keep warm for 20/ 40/ 60 minutes.

It’s definitely a luxury item, however, sometimes we need a little pampering in our lives. Plus, it completes my spa bathroom.

For more information on the DOACE towel warmer bucket and pricing check out their website.

This is a nice gift for someone that has everything.  It also makes a great “housewarming” gift (literally).