HEM Incense

How about a nice incense product to start the year off right?!!

HEM Fragrances will help get rid of all the negativity and stress around you – I mean who wouldn’t benefit from that!

I tried my samples out at work and couldn’t be happier.  The product truly helps align your mind and body.  I feel relaxed and actually work more efficiently.  I didn’t believe it but it really works!  The company offers incense sticks, essential oils, aroma oils candles, soaps and more.  Here are a few fragrances I am testing out:

White Sage Premium Masala Incense Sticks ($18.75): this scent will help keep the good energy flowing.  Burn time is about 35-40 minutes.  This simple ritual actually raises the aura in my office like no other.

Palo Santo Incense Sticks ($18.75): these are amazing for the winter months in my opinion.  They offer a warm, wooden fragrance and fight any odors.  This balsamic scent actually acts as a stimulant to improve your blood circulation and holds antioxidant properties.  Everyone needs these!

I was always afraid of incense; I am finding they have amazing positive attributes and are just so easy and safe to use.  Check out these and their other great scents and products!