His and Hers Hiking Shoes

Sometimes I find buying for my husband anything for Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a challenge. I don’t want to go to cliché route and I am a rather functional romantic at heart. This year I thought the best gift is to follow his interest of hiking.


What you see here is His and Hers hiking boots. It has the romantic element of relatively matching style hiking shoes as well as I wrote an adorable note saying: Let’s Go Hiking Together.


I never thought of a hikding gift before, but now that I have it, I think it’s a brilliant gift. Salewa has the Ultra Train Three in both men’s and women’s styles. As you can see, they come in adorable colors for the man who likes hiking; they are also exceptionally functional.


They are designed to be ultra lightweight, and designed with an Ortholite footbed, so they’re exceptionally comfortable. They are versatile enough, and you can use them for a walk in the neighborhood as well as the average hike that I’m going to do. This is not for winter hiking on Mount Everest but let’s be real.. I’m not planning on doing that!


This is awesome for any of the nature trails and preserves in my neighborhood, and he hates the fact, but I love it that we match shoes. I mean, seriously, how adorable is it that we have the matching shoes when we go out. He gets a really good quality hiking shoe, and I get to look cute, so the combination is certainly not bad.


You can get the street online delivered to your house in no time flat. And, of course, they have free returns, so if you mess up the sizing, you’re more than fine. But who can really beat His and Hers hiking boots as a hiking Valentine’s Day gift!