Hoku Review


I love finding a new outdoor game to enjoy with my family.   Such a great way to get everyone active and in the fresh air.  Oh…and off the darn devices and phones. This past week we checked out Hoku, which is kind of this twist on toss meets 2022’s version of the game horseshoes.

Here is what you get with the Hoku Bundle: the rubberwood board game, 6 throwing stars, and a super awesome carry case/tote.  Very lightweight by the way; you can easily take it with you on the go all summer long!

This game is for all ages and from 2-8 players.  It is very durable too, I want to mention.  My kids really beat on toys (especially outdoor ones) and we are thrilled with the quality.

Here is how you play. You toss the stars in an effort to land them as close to the center of the board as possible.  Oh, and you can knock other players’ stars out the way too!  It got very competitive over here and we were all laughing and enjoying some quality time together.   You toss the stars basically like a frisbee (my daughter sort of was “showing off” and spinning them across the lawn on her turn).

Hoku is a great game and once again, this company brings amazing family-time game options!