Stealth Core Trainer Review

The best-built products have a simplicity to them as well as an easy-to-use function. The Stealth Core Trainer fits that category.


As you could see in the photo it is basically a balance board. But what makes it interesting is that ties directly via the app with your cell phone using the inherent balancing features of your cell phone to make planking fun.  Think of those fancy sensors helping you make a super-advanced planking board.


Now to some people, like my nephew, planking is fun. This kid will plank all day and every day just to annoy the hell out of me. I, on the other hand, need a higher degree of motivation, and the game it’s enough of a challenge to completely distract myself from the harsh reality that I’m actually exercising.


It’s extremely well-built and pretty intuitive in terms of how fast one can pick it up and figure it out.


I found that working out can be exceptionally boring so the idea of incentivizing this with a game is pretty much a brilliant idea. In addition, I love the fact that it is rather easy to use. Even the games themselves do not have a high degree of a learning curve to figure out and get you started. If your goals planking and you find yourself bored senseless without exercise this might be for you.

Check them out.