Honey Ridge Farms

It is always a treat to try out a gourmet food item with my family.  This is one of the blogging perks I love the most and this weekend we tried out fantastic and so truly different “raw honey cremes” from Honey Ridge Farms.  These are so NOT your typical honey product; these are a much healthier alternative to sweetening your favorite food and drinks.  The “granulation” process is done differently; making this honey creamy and great for spreading.  This product is an absolutely perfect option for sweetening your tea, spreading on your favorite breakfast food (waffle/muffin/scone/toast) or even as a topping for ice cream!  I went to their website (http://honeyridgefarms.com)

and i was amazed by the other options I didn’t even think of such as in a marinade for your favorite grilling meats or fish.  The sky is the limit and you will truly love all their suggestions!  So many wonderful “creme honey” flavors: blackberry, blood orange, cover, coconut, lavender, lemon-lavender, raspberry and spiced.  I am LOVING the lavender and the coconut myself and so are the kids!  You literally feel good about using a product that tastes so yummy and literally only contains honey and the particular flavor you choose.

honey ridge farms

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