Hooded blanket to bring with you to watch your kid’s sporting events

Wish I had this cute fleece blanket on a cold weather day when my kids played outdoor soccer!  It is a super soft hooded blanket  made of 100% Minky polyester fleece.  It’s also great buy for your child to warm up while on the bench waiting to play.   It’s a great price for a personalized blanket and it makes for a nice gift for adults and children.   Who doesn’t like something that is personalized?

Also, remember that traffic jam that kept many people at a standstill for hours because of the icy roads?   It would have been nice to have had a  hooded blanket on hand for traveling or in the trunk just for such an emergency.   You never know when it will come in handy.

Maybe you don’t want to brave the cold and would rather use the blanket cuddled up on the couch.   That’s perfect also.   Each family member could have their own blanket with their name on it so no more fighting for the favorite blanket.  

It’s easily folds up to store and the  easy care fabric material combines warmth and durability for long-lasting use.  It’s made well with sturdy, double edge stitching  and measures 47″ x 78″. It’s also made in the USA by Sam +Zoey.

Sam +Zoey offers other great gifts including personalized gifts for babies and weddings.   Check out their website to view the other fun and unique gifts!