Bubble Brigade: the ideal busy bag

bubble brigade
bubble brigade

Do you absolutely love going to the restaurant with your family? Are you often in search of ways to keep your little ones entertained and busy while you indulge in your meal? Look no further, because Bubble Brigade has got you covered! They offer an amazing range of fun and exciting toys that are sure to keep your kids occupied the entire evening.

With a wide variety of activities like coloring books with crayons, activity scratchers and pencil pouches, Bubble Brigade has truly thought of everything. They have even gone the extra mile by offering kid-friendly face masks, perfect for getting into the restaurant while keeping your little ones safe and protected.

The drawstring bag that comes with the Bubble Brigade holds all the toys together and makes it easy to transport. At the end of a successful evening, you can even reward your kids with some cool temporary tattoos that they will absolutely love!

For a perfect bedtime activity, Bubble Brigade has got you covered with their “Floating through the alphabet with Flubble Bubble” book. This fun and interactive book helps children learn the alphabet while searching for items in each scene that start with the corresponding letter. It was even written by a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist, making it a must-have for young minds.

But wait, there’s more! The Bubble Brigade website also features a kid’s corner with printable activities, and several cute and engaging videos that your kids are sure to enjoy. They even offer some fun and easy-to-make recipes that you can make with your kids, providing you with a fun and educational activity that the whole family can enjoy. So next time you plan on going out to eat, don’t forget to pack your Bubble Brigade busy bag for your kids and make your dining experience more enjoyable for everyone!