Hotheads Mini-G: The Dry Shampoo Brush

Hotheads Mini-G

I’ve tried using dry shampoo before, but it just didn’t seem to work for me. Then I realized that it had a lot to do with how I brushed my hair after using it. I’m used to brushing the underside of my hair to help it curve towards my face, but not “back brushing.” Most of you probably know what that is, but if not, “back brushing” is the process of brushing your hair in the opposite direction you normally would. This helps the dry shampoo reach your hair roots (which is what it’s designed to do), spread out evenly, and create volume. Developing a new brushing routine isn’t all you need to get the most out of your dry shampoo, though. Having the right hair brush is also important.

Hotheads, known for developing hair brushes designed to be used by professional stylists, has created a brush with the express function of assisting dry shampoo to fulfill its purpose. So, how is the Hotheads’ Mini-G dry shampoo brush different from others? Well, for starters it has three sets bristles, one nylon and two natural. The regular nylon bristles are used for the initial back brushing process to allow you greater access to your roots for applying the dry shampoo. After a couple of minutes, you brush again, and this time the natural bristles help remove oil clumps, as well as smooth and shine your hair.

Although there is a larger model, I think the Hotheads’ Mini-G is probably the better version since it can easily be stored in your purse or gym bag. That way you’ll have it if you need to give your hair a little touch up. You should check out their website, for more information and to see their other products.

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