Husbands out there: let me help you out with a jump-start on Mother’s Day shopping.  In other words “one of your biggest yearly priorities” for the lady who busts her butt everyday for her family.  We are tired; we are aging and we have very real spa needs.

Check out this cool product Hyla3D from JanMarini Skin Research.  The Company is geared towards exfoliating, polishing, cleansing, lifting, tightening: all super important to anyone who is 30+ and starting to see stuff we don’t want to see!  I am such a skeptic but you have to see their results after just a few months of using these products.

Anyway, like I said I am trying Hyla3D which is one of their new products.  So basically age and sun damage is depleting my skin of “Hyaluronic Acid” which is key for skin structure and volume.  I have these horrible bags and wrinkles around my eyes that need much attention so this is perfect for me.  By applying this lightly in the AM and over my face and neck in the PM I am feeling smoother already and can expect reduced lines in as little a couple of months.  This is a plan for my skin I can totally handle.  I am adding HA back into my skin and boosting collagen and elastin all from the comfort of my home.  $125 for the bottle; try getting out of a spa for under $1000’s!  Check them out!  Their website (link above) has such cool before and after slides and pics!

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