How do I Calculate If I Have Too Many Pencils?

Too Many Pencils

Is there ever a scenario where you have enough pencils? I found myself constantly keeping pencils because I never know when I’m going to need one, but now I have this entire bin filled with pencils. Is there a way to actually calculate how many pencils are enough pencils? Yes, my default answer, of course, will be some form of donating the pencils to  people in need in some far-off land or not.


But my question is “How do I determine when I have enough pencils?”

My kids go through pencils all the time, and they’ve always seemed to need more resources such as pencils, but is there a form of calculation to help me determine when I hit that correct level of pencils?


I mean, I’m quite familiar with the Pythagorean theorem but is there a pencil quantity theorem?

Is there some form of theorem, which would help me determine that we have now hit the maximum number of pencils? You can calculate and possibly take in account pencils with erasers and pencils without erasers.


Maybe the formula is like in algebra where you would take:
The Number of Useless Pencils but satisfy your child craving for pretty and
minus that from
The Useful pencils which have erasers and actually are number two pencils

…and therefore you come up with some formula by dividing by the number of days your child is still in school


Or am I just overthinking all of this insanity? Should I just wait until my kid is 18 and we will have a quantity of pencils left to throw in a donation bin at that point ?


What do you do with all the annoying pencils you have left?