Fitish Skincare

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Sometimes I like to treat myself, and what could be better than botanicals and CBD for my skin’s health?  Winter always does a number on my skin so I love trying something new.  Boy have I been thrilled with my new products! Fitish will create a calming skincare and haircare routine that is all natural and works with your busy lifestyle.

For your hair: CBD Hair Plumping Serum ($45).  This smells delicious and will condition your scalp, soften up your hair, and thicken your roots.

For your face: CBD Gentle Face Cleanser ($37).  I love how soothing this foaming gel cleanser is and doesn’t strip your skin.  You get extracts from kale, spinach, aloe, and green tea here, along with CBD goodness!  Tone Down Mist ($29) is your go-to after the gym or a day in the sun.  You will be instantly cooled down, feel fresh and reduce redness.  Night Game ($79) is my absolute favorite since it does all the work while you sleep.  CBD and retin-alt firms up and quenches your skin all night long.

For your body: Tone Down Body Cream ($30).  The smell alone will have you hooked.  This is aloe, green tea, coffee, and peppermint, all in one.  It will cool and hydrate at the same time!

For your eyes: Roll Model ($45).  My new morning and night “must do.”  Couldn’t be easier as you just roll on with the great applicator to keep your eyes looking fresher and more energized.  I mean…we all need this STAT!

For your lips: Lip Game ($13).  This is coconut, eucalyptus, and CBD Oil to kiss goodbye chapped/dry/cracked or sunburned lips.  Very very yummy I may add!

You must treat yourself to Fitish!