I Dare Your Baby To Drop This!

I think we all spend half the day picking up items that our kids drop on the floor.  It is almost like a challenge or a true test of patience.  Especially during the high chair years; it was just exhausting.
Check out Drop It Baby; no this isn’t just a clever name.  It is a truly clever product.   If you have a baby four months and up, you for sure want to check this out. Drop It Baby has soft and stretchy silicone rings that you can attach your kids sippy cups, toys, bottles, and iPad.   You can use this at home (high chair etc.) or in the car of during travel.   It will suction to any flat surface.   This thing is strong; you can pull and tug on it all you want and will not move at all. Toys, sippy cups, pacifiers – nothing is gonna hit the floor!  You can actually customize this to as long or short as you want it with the rings.  Oh; and this can actually act as a teether if your baby is having teeth woes.  The product is BPA free, safe, non toxic, dishwasher safe and really easy to clean.  

You shouldn’t have to worry about dirty floors anymore if you have a Drop It Baby!  Grab this up at amazon.com and you have yourself a great item for your home, a stocking stuffer or a great add-on/wishing well gift for a shower.  

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