Skrible For School!

School is back in full swing and my kid comes home very unhappy with her “pre-purchased school kit” pencil case.  The goal is really to not have to shop for back to school items with the huge crowds of people.  We only made it through a few days and had to hit the world for a new pencil case.  Enter the skrible and my kid is happy and I know we have this super well made case to keep her going all year.  I want to say that I like this thing so much I would actually suggest that you all just buy it now and replace what you have.  (You know y’all are replacing it at some point anyhow).

They offer super cute color options like blue camo, pink camo, and one’s with cute 3D unicorns, crowns and video game controllers.  They each cost $19.99.  Also offered are “plus” options for $25.99 that have more room for your pencils, pens, markers and more!  I love how strong they are and they zipper all around to make sure everything stays just where it is supposed to.  So we have functional, durable, trendy and affordable all in one??!!  How is this possible – but it totally is.

Easy to purchase on their website and also through amazon.

Check them out and your kid is gonna be happy and organized!


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