I Hate Hiking and I Hate Hiking Boots

My husband has been into running and hiking lately. I think Covid has made him absolutely nuts. He seems to want to go hiking everywhere and he feels he needs to see the great outdoors.


Further to that, he’s trying to convince me that it would be brilliant to go hiking with him and it would be some form of marital bonding experience.


I do not agree with his logic whatsoever.


In addition, I generally hate how hiking boots look. Do you hate hiking books too? I think they’re basically like walking in large bricks.


That said, I am getting quite intrigued by these new hybrid shoes. Salewa has a mix between a running shoe and a hiking boot which looks much more like a running shoe, but it’s functionally like a hiking boot. It is basically a blur of the two worlds, so at least I don’t feel like I’m walking around logging these heavy bricks on my feet like the traditional hiking boots are.


I particularly not only how these things look but they feel like sneakers. They are made thick and breathable so I can step on rocks and whatever else is out in the woods. I assume there are rocks but again don’t know.


So if a miracle occurs and he actually convinces me to go hiking. Again this is a very remote chance but if this occurs, I will not be wearing hiking boots at allbut I would gladly consider hybrid like this.

If you’re being forced to go hiking when you should instead be drinking Chardonnay…. go to Amazon and get hybrid boots like this.