Mikesell’s Snack Foods


The warmer weather is rapid approaching and this means outdoor barbecues, parties and beach gatherings are coming back.  I always find myself stocking up on cases of chips, pretzels and cracker style baked snacks at this time so we are more than ready.  I was thrilled to be handed three large bags of Potato Chips from Mikesell’s Snack Foods.

I live with teenagers so the bags were opened pretty quickly.  This is a family owned business for over 100 years so you know you are in good hands.  So many exciting potato chip flavor options to choose from like original (they are so light and perfectly salty by the way), green onion, honey barbecue (my daughter was a huge fan!) and zesty barbecue.  They offer “groovy” options with ridges perfect for dipping in flavors like cheddar, good n hot (the spice on these will drag you in and you will eat the entire darn bag) and smoked bacon.  They are really worth the try; not greasy and the bag size is impressive especially if you are having company over and don’t want the bag of chips you open and there are like 20 in there more than half way down.

The company also offers puffcorn, cheese curls, rinds and pretzels too!  They can be found at your local Speedway and you can also purchase online.  Use their subscription “pick your own case” services so that you never run out!