I Invited Old Arthur’s To My Tuesday Night BBQ!

Don’t get upset; I am still social distancing.  I just decided to kick my barbecue up a notch this time.  The weather is getting warmer and that is great news for my “cabin fever family”.  We try to spend as much time as possible outside, getting fresh air, a little exercise and if it’s possible a little dinner on the patio.  I’ve mentioned in the past that it is so hard to come up with new and exciting meals to keep the kids interested so enter Old Arthur’s Barbecue Sauce and we are on our way to a great meal together!   This product is bold and super authentic.  It is no surprise because Arthur himself was the master at pit barbecue.  A former slave, he grabbed his skills working on the farm behind the grill and took that knowledge with him into freedom and to the ripe old age of 108!

I started by basting a nice package of chicken thighs with the original barbecue sauce.  You get immediate hints of hickory, wood and just the right amount of tang!  It is so so good!  Perfect for chicken, pork, beef or fish.  Oh, and a little goes a long way so you will be all set for many yummy meals!  This bottle will cost you about $6.49; a spicy version is also available.

Ok so here is where this gets exciting.  Now I’m going to tell you about the rubs they offer.  I am checking out 4 currently and they are so awesome and helpful for a quality flavorful dinner that I have a hard way of deciding.  The Bootleg Dry Rub is this delicious combination of brown sugar, bourbon and actually coffee.  I used it on pork chops; but steak would be great for this product also!  Next up the hubby wanted to try the Crossroads Dry Rub.  This one is a great combo of herbs and spices.  Think seafood, side dishes, grilled veggies – the possibilities are endless.  My kids said the zucchini was to die for!  Finally, tonight we went with the  Righteous Poultry Rub.  Ok; this is by far the best one yet!  Again, full flavor, hickory and the perfect add on to your chicken or turkey!  These will cost you about $6.57 per bottle.

Please check them out!  They would be great for your Father’s Day BBQ and the upcoming outdoor cook outs that summer brings!


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